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Evan Andrew Mackay writes theatre reviews for Post City Magazines. He is currently directing a new play, Interrogation: Lives and Trials of the Kamloops Kid, which he co-wrote with Karri Yano, premiering at the Toronto Fringe Festival 2015. This is a new approach to the historical subject matter of his play, Father Hero Traitor Son (2013), about a war hero with a traitorous son, (not as many laughs as the play about colorectal cancer which he co-wrote and performed in at the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival). For this reason,  he is taking a few weeks off from his first novel which he has been rewriting since the end of the previous millennium. Evan writes drama, prose and humour in any form, and he is a journalist of culture and social justice. Also, he is obsessed with languages.* He has been a regular contributor to Post City Magazine and Nikkei Voice, national newspaper of Japanese Canadians. Raised in the Maritimes, he tends to live in Toronto.

A list (in need serious need of updating) of some of Evan’s publications:





  • Father Hero Traitor Sona feature-length drama premiering August 21 to 25, 2013 at the first Fundy Fringe Festival, in Saint John, New Brunswick.





Languages and Communication



If you are looking for a kind of writing other than what I do, take a look at http://www.freelancewritingjobs.ca/writer-links/


7 responses to “About the writer

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  3. Hey Evan – I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Take yo’ praise.

  4. Wow, Graham, thanks! Just in case, I’d better go start working on my acceptance speech.
    …or maybe I should be nominated for the “Skeptical Blogger Award”. I bet you got the award logo and the list of requirements from the blog that nominated you. The source of the award itself seems rather elusive.

    Regardless of the credibility of the award, I am flattered that you consider my writings worthy of any non-ironically-intended nomination. So again, thank you.

  5. Kevin

    Here’s something neat (hopefully).

    So I’m teaching a graduate seminar on Canadian science fiction. It has been a great course (because of the students).

    And on Wednesday, I mildly shrieked in class because of a handout that one of my PhD students circulated.

    Here’s why:

    On that handout was a familiar name: Evan Andrew Mackay. She was quoting from Sawyer’s interview with you.

    So, there you were, providing content to a bunch of grad students (whether you like it or not!). Cheers, a former roommate!

    P.S. We read *Wake* in that course. Students hated it in ways that would be impossible to express in polite language except to say “they really f-ing hated it!”

    • How gratifying to know that academia is keeping up with my efforts! Considering how much coverage Sawyer gets, I’d be interested to know what your student quoted from my article.

      Did you assign “Wake” with the expectation the students would hate it? Why did you choose “Wake” for the class? Discuss.

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