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All I Want for Buy-Nothing Christmas

Only 21 shopping days left till hypochrismas. Here’s how I rolled over the past week.

Last Friday on GoodEvaning, I wrote Occupy the 99%: How to Shop on Buy Nothing Day. In preparing that post, I encountered Buy Nothing Christmas, which reminded me of the documentary What Would Jesus Buy? and I said to myself, Yeah, right on, Brother! Those ideas are easy for me to buy into since, being a recently diagnosed freelance writer, I can afford to buy nothing.

That same evening I went to Swap Sity’s screening of the film Living Without Money and listened to guest speaker, “Barter Babe” Shannon Simmons, talk about how to make bartering a part of your personal financial plan. That’s something I could afford – Christmaswapping!

Buy Nothing Christmas

Buy Nothing Christmas

But when my dear family began to pester me for my “Christmas list”, which should be an oxymoron rather than a cliché, I felt myself toning down the buy-nothing rhetoric. I’m doing it for them, I told myself, because it would just break their little hearts if I didn’t have something under the tree to unwrap, from each of them, with their names on the tags. Altruism can be a vicious game.

So yeah, yesterday I sent out my list. If I were to get everything on my list, the retail value would be more than I’ve earned in the last six months – I’m talking hundreds of dollars – stuff that I have admitted I do not need.

Then today I flip-flopped again. After saying a firm “No” three times to joining an expedition to a non-specific warehouse sale, I caved rather than “ruin the Christmas spirit”. The aim of the mission was to buy “stocking stuffers” – the season’s most repugnant word pair. What horror. Mountains of infomercial rejects. Who could possibly want any of this crap? Damn, I am such a hypocrite! Okay, I confess – I let someone buy me a $4 baking pan, which I will use for baking Fair Squares*, the brownies I will be giving everyone for Christmas. [Too late for a SPOILER ALERT?]

Now here is my selfish Christmas wish, which I am sending out to you and the world. What I want for Christmas is to increase my readership of a dozen subscribers to over 100. So, please, indulge me. Try getting in the spirit of giving without spending, and make this the best Christmas ever – for me – by subscribing to https://goodevaning.wordpress.com/.

And it’s a gift you can give to everyone you know at absolutely no cost to anyone. And it’s a gift you can enjoy for years to come, or ignore without guilt, or get rid of without harming the environment, or – the best option – re-gift without letting go of it.

Please take a few seconds and subscribe, and then take a minute to suggest to a few of your friends and family that they subscribe, too. I don’t aspire to be “bigger than Jesus”, but I’d like to spread my words. That’s what I want; what do you want? Donate a comment.

Have a happy solstice!


*To help the producers of the ingredients – many of them actual Christians in Latin America – earn a wage that might enable their families to celebrate Christmas, I use Fair Trade cocoa and Fair Trade sugar (and eggs from local, free-run chickens). FREE RECIPE FOR SUBSCRIBERS.


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Occupy the 99%: How to Shop on Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day? That’s not 99% commitment. Buy nothing wrong, 99% of the time. Buy ethical, buy fair trade, buy free-run, buy green, buy local, buy sustainable or buy nothing. If, only 1% of the time, you cave and buy into the 1%, the 1% won’t have the numbers they need and they won’t last.

Don’t like banks? Inconvenience them! Put 99% of your money in a credit union, and keep a no-fee account at a bank to pester them with transactions that cost you nothing and earn them nothing (like exchanging pennies for bills).

I thought local politics was a waste of time until Rob Ford made a mockery of democracy. My vote didn’t stop him, but next time I’m taking 99 voters with me to the poles. My vote didn’t stop Harper, but next time I’m taking 99 voters with me. Rant and vote and rant and vote.

Ninety-nine percent commitment doesn’t mean occupying a tent in the park. All that achieved is to get us talking. Now we’re talking! We’re talking 99% commitment. So occupy yourself.

Occupy your power.

Occupy your autonomy.

Occupy your focus.

Occupy your priorities.

Occupy your influence.

Occupy your vote.

Occupy where your dollar goes.

Occupy the change you want to see in the world.


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