An Open Letter to Ann Coulter

An Open Letter to Ann Coulter.



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4 responses to “An Open Letter to Ann Coulter

  1. Seems like I’m not missing anything but not knowing Ann Coulter. Thanks for this post, as it reinforces my confidence in the choices I make about who isn’t worth watching.

    • Quite right. My general ignorance of Coulter’s existence is bliss, but when she is brought to my attention, her ignorance is a blister on my soul.

  2. Neil MacAndrew

    Do you think Coulter actually believes what comes out of her own mouth? I wouldn’t normally waste time commenting on her, but I greatly fear her shock-value sound bites/tweets are so lucrative for her, and the attention so feeds her ego, that slagging is becoming the new normal for way too much of the population. RIP civil discourse – on both sides of the border.

  3. I think, unfortunately, she does believe what she says, although one wonders whether her first priority isn’t simply to offend people. I agree, it isn’t much of a dialogue when call her “stupid” for calling President Obama “the retard”. I applaud John Franklin Stephens for saying Coulter isn’t dumb, but I think he is going too far to tell her she isn’t shallow. What she lacks is not intelligence but integrity.

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