Merry Winter Solstice! Here Comes the Sun…

Don’t wait for Sunday; today/tomorrow is the day to celebrate!

While strip malls are swarming with stressed shoppers scrambling to get to the bottom of their lists in time for the big gift switch, the truly monumental moment is happening tonight (or tomorrow, depending where you are). It’s winter solstice – go hug an evergreen!

Algonquin evergreen trees in sun and snow on a winter day

Sun Tree Winter Green

This midwinter festival goes back way more than 2012 years. It goes back into the cold dark pagan past. It goes back to the beginning of human consciousness, when the first naked apes looked up at the winter night sky waiting for a speedier return of the increasingly overdue sun.

With days getting colder and nights getting longer, these people – with no Weather Network, no electricity, no streetlamps (nor streets) – huddled together under precious animal skins and waited for the return of light and warmth.

Must have been a hell of a thing.

But they weren’t stupid; they’d lasted long enough to figure out that things would turn around, that snows would melt and new buds would blossom.

In time, ancient peoples such as Druids and Mayans constructed stone temples that took precise celestial measurements by which they pinpointed the date on which the longest night of the year past. And you know what they did then? They celebrated!

Merry Solstice to all of you, far and near, famous or forgotten, preachy or pagan, squished together or totally solitary – Merry Solstice to every one of you!

And for those of you in the southern hemisphere, enjoy your harvest. And don’t worry, your days won’t get shorter forever.



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4 responses to “Merry Winter Solstice! Here Comes the Sun…

  1. Stevan Jovanovich

    The longest night lasts but a night.
    After today the days get longer. Yay!

  2. Rosa

    Aww. George Harrison! I love that song. I was actually thinking of another Beatles song earlier today: “Rain.” Because even though it was raining it was pretty warm for December in Toronto but there was NO ONE on the streets. “When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads . . .” I digress. Hurray for the days gettting longer now.

    • Why, Rosa, why do people have a problem with weather?
      “Rain. I don’t mind. Shine. The weather’s fine.”
      ‘For everything there is a season,’ and all that.

      Thanks for reading and writing! See you in the longer days of the new year!

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