Fringe Festival 2012 and the Mayan Calendar

Next year is the last year …of life so far.

This past year, 2011 (in case you need clarification), is the year I leapt from having a dream of writing to having a life of writing. Next year, just as the world is ending (2012, don’t ya know), I will upgrade to having my dream life of writing.

Choosing, after 25 years of dreaming about it, to begin living as a writer, meant I had to adjust from living just below the poverty line to living well below the poverty line. In converting my writing life into my dream life, I aim to earn enough from writing that I can claw my way back up to the poverty line.

Focus and believing – that’s the combination that got me where I am today. And compromise. Writing pseudo journalism, for next to nothing or less, is not what this erstwhile playwright had in mind at the outset, but that’s what has been paying (a third of) my rent.

Back when writing was just a dream, it was about writing plays. And these days the dream is coming back to life. In recent weeks, just as I was planning out which script idea to revive first, my brother the actor came to me with a comprehensive concept for a play – and he had applied for the Toronto Fringe Festival 2012, for which there are so many applicants that acceptance is based on a lottery system. My brother was with me at the lottery several years ago when my application didn’t get drawn. I was with him last night when his application got drawn.

That’s right, we’re in! Preparedness, allow me to introduce Opportunity.

Being in the Toronto Fringe Festival means that, whatever we do, at least some people will see it (more than saw my plays when they were performed in New Brunswick in the 90s). What makes this good news better is that it has come just in time – before the end of the world. What is even better than that, the Mayan calendar – which predates, outperforms and otherwise bamboozles all other calendars (and, being made of chocolate, it even tastes better) – does not “predict the end of the world”. It simply indicates that we are reaching the end of one “Great Cycle” (many thousands of years long*) and beginning another.

The end is nigh – here comes the beginning!

(*Mind you, that is in Mayan years, which are shorter and spicier than the conventional year.)



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14 responses to “Fringe Festival 2012 and the Mayan Calendar

  1. Seth

    Though to some this may not be the most enlightening post by this particular author, to me it is the best I have ever read.

    -The D-Mac, F-Bomb, etc

  2. Donna

    Hurray! That is some excellent news. Can’t wait to find out more about the play. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to about 2012.
    ps. if at all possible, could you make sure the play has more than one character in it? After years of watching painful performances, my only rule about the Fringe is to skip the solo actor plays. My fingers are crossed……

    • Only patrons get to dictate how many characters. Please join our “adopt a character” program to expand the cast to a size that pleases you. But we promise that any painfulness in our show will be of the cathartic sort.

      Thank you for your encouragement.
      There is much to look forward to in 2012!

  3. Rosa

    Yay! Good news, indeed. Will the play also be made of chocolate? If so, I’ll bring all my friends opening night. Okay, okay, I’ll bring them all even if it isn’t made of chocolate, so long as it takes place before the next Great Cycle because I haven’t yet decided where I’ll be for Great Cycle #2 (#2? or something much Greater?). In any case, congratulations, and I’m looking forward to at least some hints as to what the play is about.

  4. Rosa

    There’s an “on” missing from the second line of my initial comment. Free Mayan chocolate for whoever can figure out where it goes!

  5. I do love the spicier bit about Mayan years – but the shorter part may not apply if the original ‘understanding’ about the ending being 2012 turns out to be the correct interpretation. We’ll never know until the the day arrives, when our last collective gasp will be an apology for doubting them. Was it a Mayan version of the Rosetta stone again that confused the issue? Doubtless the play you promise will divert us in our final agony.

  6. Caroline

    Wow, exciting! I would love to catch a glimpse into the creative (and collective) minds of you and your brother. When is the Fringe festival in 2012?

  7. Seth

    I would like to know why my reply, which was uber enthusiastic and written only moments after this post went up, does not appear! Now, instead of the words of love and encouragement originnally written, I have only dismay and waste at the capriciousness of the ether.


  8. It’s now 2012. We’ve made it for 9 days …and counting. Which will come first: will the play be the thing? or 7 billion denouements? (Can’t put accents in this program, but everyone knows that all French words beginning ‘de’ have an accent aigu on the e, so imagine it.) (please)

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