Occupy the 99%: How to Shop on Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day? That’s not 99% commitment. Buy nothing wrong, 99% of the time. Buy ethical, buy fair trade, buy free-run, buy green, buy local, buy sustainable or buy nothing. If, only 1% of the time, you cave and buy into the 1%, the 1% won’t have the numbers they need and they won’t last.

Don’t like banks? Inconvenience them! Put 99% of your money in a credit union, and keep a no-fee account at a bank to pester them with transactions that cost you nothing and earn them nothing (like exchanging pennies for bills).

I thought local politics was a waste of time until Rob Ford made a mockery of democracy. My vote didn’t stop him, but next time I’m taking 99 voters with me to the poles. My vote didn’t stop Harper, but next time I’m taking 99 voters with me. Rant and vote and rant and vote.

Ninety-nine percent commitment doesn’t mean occupying a tent in the park. All that achieved is to get us talking. Now we’re talking! We’re talking 99% commitment. So occupy yourself.

Occupy your power.

Occupy your autonomy.

Occupy your focus.

Occupy your priorities.

Occupy your influence.

Occupy your vote.

Occupy where your dollar goes.

Occupy the change you want to see in the world.



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7 responses to “Occupy the 99%: How to Shop on Buy Nothing Day

  1. caroline

    Well said and good point.

  2. Marcus

    Excellent post, Evan. I am going to look up credit unions here in Korea and see what I can find. It might be worth switching my account.

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  4. Dave

    Points well taken, except that Rob Ford didn’t make a mockery of democracy. He simply did what many successful politicians do – repeat a simple lie, loudly and often, to appeal to the baser emotions of an aggravated populace. Bingo! Now you’re the mayor for a while. What have we learned? That we never learn. Most people can’t be trusted to make toast, let alone make an informed decision at the polls.

  5. Seth

    “Stop feeding the hand that bites you”. Very good. I think you should copyright that and use it as a title!

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