Democracy Shouldn’t Be Wasted

I am listening to Rex Murphy on CBC’s the National listing his “Five Simple Rules” to get voters interested in the election, and before he’s at number two it’s clear that he is saying something that every voter and every politician should embrace.

In short, he says potential voters “will start to engage when politicians stop being false”.

Take the 3 minutes and 27 seconds (plus 30 seconds for some damn commercial) to hear him out. Don’t have 4 minutes? Quickly then, here’s what he suggests political leaders do:

  1. Stop the “politician speak” and apocalyptic rhetoric.
  2. Stop claiming to be the only candidate who cares about the voters and the only one who wants to debate the issues.
  3. Cancel ALL prepared ads.
  4. Say what you really think in words you would normally use in conversation.
  5. Have REAL debates, between two candidates at a time until each has had a meaningful direct exchange with every other one.

He’s got it right. I’ll listen to a politician who says something I can agree with or disagree with. But the only difference between what our political candidates say before an election and what WWE wrestlers say before going into the ring is… No, I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart if it weren’t for the steroids.


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