Let’s Not See “Battle LA” Tonight

One brother asked another if he’d like to see a film called Battle LA.

The response paraphrased Jean-Luc Picard in one of the great moments in science fiction cinema:

“…..No! NOOOOOOO! ….I will not see that film. We’ve been disappointed too many times before. We’ve believed the previews, and been let down. We’ve seen blockbuster after blockbuster, and been let down. Well, I say, no more! The line must be drawn HERE! THIS far! NO farther! And I….will wait for the DVD!”

(Props to Alfre Woodard, too!)



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2 responses to “Let’s Not See “Battle LA” Tonight

  1. Marcus

    I know I will be disappointed by the story, the acting, the dialogue, and the ending, but I am going to see it in the theatre tomorrow morning anyway. AND I’m dragging the missus along with me. Even if the film is awful, the special effects on the big screen will make up for it.

  2. Sarah

    Why does none of this surprise me???

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